Crash Test @ The UCB (feat. Eugene Mirman & Daniel Kitson)

June 26, 2006
Crash Test, hosted by New York comedy meteor Aziz Ansari, is always a great time. On this particular night, Eugene Mirman did a bit about whether to play dead if a bear attacks, then he brought two volunteers onstage to play a funny indie-music game. Daniel Kitson followed Eugene with his own killer set, completely owning the stage. His exceptional crowd work included his busting me (though politely) for snapping photos (which is why I only have two to post). Back in the U.K., Kitson is known for ripping apart hecklers (Another classic Danny slam!), which you wouldn’t really guess just by looking at him, but lately he’s reinventing himself. The week before Crash Test I saw Kitson’s sublime one-man show. I hope he comes back to the Big Stinky soon.

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