Demetri Martin @ The UCB

March 27, 2006
This blurry photo of Demetri Martin was taken during his first workshop performance of “Dr. Earnest Parrot Presents Demetri Martin.” It is also the exact moment the infrared light on my camera caught his attention. Demetri had sold out all four of his 11 p.m. shows at the UCB, a clear sign that he was, and always has been, well on his way to earning his spot in the record books reserved for Dreamers. Regarding the show, which he would later present at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, this particular Scotsman wanted a little more, apparently. And if you don’t know who Demetri Martin is, you soon will.

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1 Response to Demetri Martin @ The UCB

  1. Ben says:

    Man, he must be, like, superfast!

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