The Art of The Simpsons

Too many references to count.

“Lisa’s Substitute” is my favorite episode. Not only because Dustin Hoffman subtly reprises the role of Benjamin Braddock, but because each storyline’s resolution is so genuine. Even the episode’s opening resonates with truthful comedy.

Student #1: Did you hear about Miss Hoover? She drank a bottle of drain cleaner by mistake.
Student #2: Oh, I heard she fell down a well.
[Principal Skinner comes in with Miss Hoover, who is crying]
Lisa: My God, she’s been dumped again…

And when Dustin Hoffman’s “Mr. Bergstrom” comes into play, the Golden Age of The Simpsons Writers has never been more apparent.

Mr. Bergstrom asks the class to find three things wrong with his cowboy costume. Lisa raises her hand and lists them. Her third point is that Mr. Bergstrom appears Jewish, but there were no Jewish cowboys. Mr. Bergstrom rewards her with his hat, noting, however, that his third point was supposed to be that he is wearing a digital watch.
Mr. Bergstrom: And, for the record, there were a few Jewish cowboys, ladies and gentlemen — big guys who were great shots and spent money freely.

one more…
The family drops Grampa off at the retirement home after another miserable “Third Sunday of the Month” outing.

Homer: Dad, the next time we see you we’ll do something more fun.
Grampa: (sarcastically) Oohhh, what could be more fun than today’s trip to the liquor store?! Thanks for the beef jerky!
Marge: Say goodbye to Grampa everyone.
Kids: Bye.
Grampa: [car speeds away] Goodb…ohh.

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2 Responses to The Art of The Simpsons

  1. noodnik says:

    Do you perhaps have too much time on your hands? Where DID you find the Hieronymus Bosch one?

  2. keithhuang says:

    i get that rhetorical question a lot, and it usually originates from a place of jealousy. ahem. my favorite is the robert capa image, which was one of the patches in the bouvier family quilt (which santa’s little helper later destroys).

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