The Definition of ‘Lasting Power’


* * *

Redacted from an article in Playboy Magazine, June 2000 (PARKER & STONE : A candid conversation with the outrageous duo behind South Park about corrupt studios, evil celebrities and why we should all see Tom Cruise’s weenie)
TREY PARKER: I had a friend who went to work on Behind the Music, and he said that the stretch from the 30-minute mark to the 45-minute mark is called “The Price of Fame.” And whatever it is, they gotta find the POF. Our POF is coming, and I’m really nervous about what it’s going to be.
PLAYBOY: Is the process of fame really as predictable as [they] make it sound?
PARKER: Oh yeah. I was just watching the Behind the Music marathon on VH1, and it’s so funny how everyone goes through exactly the same shit.
MATT STONE: Except for “Weird Al” Yankovic. You see “Weird Al’s”?
STONE: “Weird Al” is like, “Nope, I’m a pretty happy guy. Nothing’s really going on…”

Via Wikipedia: “[Beavis & Butt-head] also once expressed if not love, a deep respect for Weird Al. During the Stray Cats video for ‘Rock This Town,’ a man who bears a resemblance to Yankovic appears, making Beavis scream in delight ‘Hey, it’s Weird Al!’ and Butt-Head concurring: ‘Cool, Weird Al!’ As the Yankovic lookalike is dancing with a woman, Butt-head declares ‘He’s gonna get some, cuz he’s Weird Al!'”

* * *

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