Improvodox & Friends @ The Chabad Loft

Oct. 29, 2006
Improvodox is a non-denominational, Shomer Shabbat longform-improv comedy troupe. For their debut show last night, they performed for 200+ people at Chabad Loft. Improvodox is Maya Batash, Evi Simons, Talya Gorsetman, Marc Spear, Joel Granik, Andrea Steiner, Elli Meyer and Aaron Tabackman.

Michael Salloway


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4 Responses to Improvodox & Friends @ The Chabad Loft

  1. Those are some nice pictures!
    Great show guys!

  2. Andrea Steiner says:

    Thanks for taking such awesome pictures of our show!!!

    Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!


  3. Elli says:

    Wonderful, Amazing! Looking at these pictures made me feel as though I was actually there!!!!!
    Oh, wait.. I WAS THERE!!!!

    Awesome photos Keith!!!!

  4. noodnik says:

    It’s funny Keith — you don’t look Jewish.

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