The Armando Diaz Experience @ The Magnet Theater

Oct. 28, 2006
The Magnet Theater has so many great shows. The Magnet comes from The Armando Diaz Experience. And the Armando Diaz Experience on Saturday night was one the best shows I’ve seen in a while. Simply put, it was a lot of fun, and everybody in it is a fucken pro with years and years of flight time. And, of course, the standing-room house was superfriendly and cool, too, but maybe that’s because it rained that night. In the movie “Tootsie,” Bill Murray*, who plays Dustin Hoffman’s roommate Jeff Slater, says of audiences:

“I don’t want a full house at the Winter Garden Theatre. I want people who just came out of the worst rainstorm in history. These are people who are alive on the planet … until they dry off. I wish I had a theatre that was only open when it rained.”

*Bill Murray’s role as Dustin Hoffman’s roommate was uncredited in the theatrical release, but his credits were later added when the film became available on videotape.

**Additional Jeff Slater dialogue: “I don’t like when somebody comes up to me the next day and says, ‘Hey, man, I saw your play. It touched me — I cried.’ I like it when a guy comes up to me a week later and says, ‘Hey, man, I saw your play… what happened?'”

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