The Faculty @ The PIT

March 21, 2007
The Faculty comprises (but is not limited to) Kurt Braunohler, Matt Donnelly, Ali Farahnakian, Dion Flynn, Kimmy Gatewood, Chris Grace, Rebekka Johnson, Pat Shay & Ptolemy Slocum.

“How many of you shook hands with 10 people? … the next president, ladies & gentlemen.”

“She slapped me about the face!”

“Tomorrow Never Dies?”

“I want to speak into the microphone but your lips are in the way.”

“Turns out it was just a cotton ball stuck to my glasses.”

“If Pat Shay were in the scene it would clear everything right up.”

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1 Response to The Faculty @ The PIT

  1. Rich Hollman says:

    I remember this show so specifically!! I was in level one and I’m pretty sure this was the first super free Wednesday I went to. I didn’t know who any of the performers were except Ali. The cotton ball on the glasses lens scene, the open mouth on the mic bit, the scene with Dion as an old stutterer trying to remember which movie he saw, I remember these all like a movie I’ve seen fifty times even though I obviously only saw it that night and it’s never been seen since. Incredible. Thanks Keith…

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