More 30 Rock, Please

Maury: “Alright, Tracy, I have the DNA results right here. Are you ready to find out who your biological father is?”
Tracy: “I think I am.”

Maury: “Tracy, meet your father — Tom!”
Audience boos.

Tracy: “Noooo!

Tracy (running at Jefferson): “I hate you Thomas Jefferson! I don’t know who I am anymore! You ain’t my father!”

Sally Hemmings (pointing to Jefferson): “Hey, Maury. He a dog! He a dog!”

Audience boos.
Maury: “Sally Hemmings just called you a dog, Thomas Jefferson!”

Thomas: “No matter, Maurence. I’m here for you, Tracy Jordan. I rode a horse all the way from heaven to tell you something important…

“America, which I invented …”

Audience boos.

Thomas: “America … which I invented … is a great country because we are not burdened by our pasts. Embrace who you are, Tracy Jordan.

“And may the force be with you always.”

Audience applauds.

Dream sequence ends.

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