Comedy Is Honest. Always.

A Sea of People Wait for ‘Knocked Up’ (via Math Smath)
“Apatow’s movies work precisely because his humor is so honest, and ultimately — obscenities and all — kind.” (Mary F. Pols, Contra Costa Times, June 1)

  • “The wonder of ‘Knocked Up’ is that it never scolds or sneers. It is sharp but not mean, sweet but not soft, and for all its rowdy obscenity it rarely feels coarse or crude. What it does feel is honest: about love, about sex, and above all about the built-in discrepancies between what men and women expect from each other and what they are likely to get.” (A.O. Scott, The New York Times, June 1)
  • “Apatow is great at planting a seed of truth inside a joke.” (John Serba, The Grand Rapids Press, June 1)
  • “There are moments in the film that feel shockingly honest, fuelled by a mercenary candor that is completely realistic and almost always hidden from view — fights in public space that hit way too hard with the unvarnished truth.” (Jason Shawhan, The Tennessean, May 31)

Christine Taylor, Ben Stiller, Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann pose for a picture (via wsquared; neat!)

  • “What ‘The 40-year-Old Virgin’ suggested, ‘Knocked Up’ confirms. Judd Apatow is making the freshest, most honest mainstream comedies in Hollywood.” (David Ansen, Newsweek, June 4)
  • “But [Apatow] doesn’t let his characters take the easy path to a semihappy ending, and that makes ‘Knocked Up’ an unusual and surprisingly emotionally honest comedy.” (Soren Andersen, The News Tribune, June 1)
  • “Rogen and Heigl convey the fragility of the life they’re making in honest, conversational, core-cutting dialogue.” (Nick Rogers, The State Journal-Register, June 1)
  • “‘Knocked Up’ is full of huge laughs and witty pop culture banter but also offers insightful and honest explorations of marriage, relationships, friendship and parenthood.” (Adam Graham, The Detroit News, June 1)

…throwing a nod to Gelf Magazine’s superb “The Blurbs.”

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