Totally Awesome Victory ( The PIT, March 2008 )

Ilana & Eliot Glazer (Park Slope, Brooklyn, November 2007)

Lori Steele & Pete LePage ( 29th Street & 7th Avenue, February 2008 )

Sean Taylor ( Brooklyn Bridge Park, February 2008 )

Frank (Upper West Side, May 2007)

finger ( The PIT, March 2008 )

The Apple Sisters (Hell’s Kitchen, November 2007)

Harvard Sailing Team (The PIT, December 2007)
Rue Brutalia ( The PIT, March 2008 )

Jen Kwok & Eric Fortin ( Lower East Side, NYC, February 2008 )

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5 Responses to portfolio

  1. Jen C. says:

    Not tryin to be a mom or anything, but I think you’re a talent and a star.

  2. Ted says:

    Jen C. is a mom.

  3. Jen C. says:

    Ted wants to step?

  4. Blue says:

    That was such a fun Frank shoot. Keith, you got them skills!

  5. Lorie says:

    thanks for stealing our souls
    proud to be amoung your pics.

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