Two-Year Anniversary

…of happened about a month ago. I’m horrible at remembering birthdays. Regardless, my nephew Teddy and I would like to say “muchas gracias” to everyone who has stopped by these past two years — I’m very grateful. Here’s to another fun-filled year!

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5 Responses to Two-Year Anniversary

  1. blue says:

    happy birthday improv is good for you! Thanks for all the awesome pics Keith!

  2. Liz Quinn says:

    Keith…you rock! What would we do without all of your photographic archiving of our beloved artform. It means the world to us.
    xoxo Liz and The Wilhelm

  3. Masten says:

    Thanks fer makin’ me look presentable, big guy.

  4. noodnik says:

    It would appear that I was right, after all.

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