Ground Zero

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Barack Obama, Cindy McCain & John McCain. About 20 minutes ago. Yeah, we see all kinds of crazy stuff from the 12th floor of World Financial Center One.

–Note from my friend and coworker Kurt W.: “interesting that the mccain’s are stepping forward with their right feet, and obama’s stepping forward with his left.  (you’ve caught them walking along party lines).”

^ Spot the sniper spotter

^ Get in the van, B !

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2 Responses to Ground Zero

  1. philwells says:

    I’m worried about Cindy’s hairline. Looks like underneath those bangs that thing’s got a timetable for withdrawal.

  2. Jen C. says:

    You did not fucking TAKE that PHOTO. You’re at the center of the world Huang. Tell Obama I’m available for marriage if he’s into it….

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