SIDVISCOUS! @ The Philly Improv Festival

Nov. 14 & 15, 2008

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4 Responses to SIDVISCOUS! @ The Philly Improv Festival

  1. Masten says:

    That Alex Farlow had me riveted with his dental hygiene.

  2. Sean T says:

    Great pix, Keith (as usual). What’s the name of the guy on SIDVISCOUS who looks enough like me that I keep thinking he is me, then realizing that I was in the other part of the hotel room?

  3. keithhuang says:

    it’s either jacob or james. but all you white boys look alike to me

  4. Hobart says:

    It’s probably me. I’m glad you think so too, because whenever I see you I’m always all, “Hey, get this fake me outta here.”

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