Desiree Nash’s BDAY @ Rodeo Bar

Jan. 26, 2009
Here are a few interesting facts pertaining to the following photos.
• Desiree’s birthday was a really fun time, despite my brief pouting session for having arrived 1.5 hours early.
• Occasionally, we’d walk back to the dining area to listen to Norah Jones, who according to The New York Times, “is also a member of various bands — the Sloppy Joannes, the Mazelles, the Little Willies — who show up as opening acts at no-cover-charge places like the Rodeo Bar.” (Jan. 21, 2007).
• This is my first attempt mimicking a photo-exposure technique honed by one of my favorite photographers, Nikola Tamindzic.

^Phil enjoys the houndstooth.

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1 Response to Desiree Nash’s BDAY @ Rodeo Bar

  1. Blue says:

    Keith! You so talented!

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