Miscellaneous Friday

March 20, 2009
Welcome to Miscellaneous Friday. Here is a collection of random, uncategorized photos that would otherwise sit idly on my hard drive. And in the spirit of Chris Grace’s recent foray into podcasting and vlogging, I’m adding brief descriptions to some of the photos. I hope you find these at least 2% interesting.

^ On a recent Wednesday at Mustang Sally’s, Yang Miller suddenly yelled “crowd surf!” and got a few people to hoist me in the air. They carried me about 10 feet to the end of the bar. But right before it happened, I handed Greg Portz my camera. He snapped this photo. Nice job, Baps!

^ Co-workers at a going-away function for a veteran WSJ.com manager of 11 years.

^ Co-workers

^ On Feb. 4, India.Arie performed two songs at The Wall Street Journal. Watch the videos.

^ Matt Rivera

^ Brian Aguilar

^I was recently hired to shoot photos at a party hosted by Birthright Israel: Next Shabbat at The Brooklyn Academy of Music. My friend Meg Griffiths was the hook-up, even though she doesn’t work there anymore. These two lovely people work for BAM, and they are both very cool. We’re Facebook friends now.

^ Austin Kuras is technician for Superfree Free-for-All Wednesdays @ The PIT. Former classmate Harvey Weissman is sitting in the booth.

^ I live within walking distance of the Trader Joe’s in Brooklyn.

^ Adventures in Bachelorhood: I’ve always hated sorting my dress socks. But I recently labeled each pair with a white-fabric marker, which not only saves time, but also makes Laundry Day less loathsome.

^ Little pink heart

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