Miscellaneous Friday

Chambers Street station, latenight
Here is a collection of random, uncategorized photos that would otherwise sit idly on my hard drive. These were all taken with my iPhone, and some have been manipulated with a Tilt-Shift app.

^ Simon

^Dan and me, Dino-Walk (Galveston, Texas)

^ Brooklyn-bound A train, latenight. Breakdancing buskers on the subway generally have the same routine: They’ll play Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough” on a boombox as the first dancer warms up before dropping into a difficult one-armed “Baby Freeze.” The next dancer will grasp the handrail with his left hand and the center pole with his right and swing upside-down, walking his feet against the ceiling before doing a Penny Drop back to the floor. And before reaching the next station, the third dancer will simply pull a backflip. On this particular occasion, a young busker, who was wearing a “Cars” backpack, breakdanced (brokedance?) a little before attempting a front handspring. But because he was showing off, he went a little too fast and crashed into the center pole, landing partially on the boombox. He was my favorite.

^ West end of the island (Galveston, Texas)

^ Greg and Danielia

^ Owen

^ When you’re little, leaning on your mom to sleep comes as naturally as breathing or eating. And thanks to Mom for using her purse as a pillow, this  kid will wake up with strange indentions on his?/her? face.

^ Scott

^ Freedom from want. 888 (Houston, Texas)

^ Paul and Kristina

^ Atlantic Avenue (Brooklyn, NY). I wonder how dark it used to be at night when these gas lamps provided the only street lighting.

^ My family and I have eaten countless times at The Pelican Club. It’s one of the nicer restaurants in my hometown and easily the most famous seafood restaurant in Texas. As far as I’m concerned, it’s also the best seafood in the world. I remember sitting in a booster seat at this restaurant, and I remember eating here before my Senior Prom. I learned my table manners at The Pelican Club, and by the time I was 13, I knew to pull my mother’s chair, I knew where to put my utensils between bites and I knew to stand when anyone stopped by our table to say hello to my parents. To enforce that last “rule,” if my mother were sitting beside me, she’d pinch the side of my leg and say, “Stand up” without looking at me or moving her lips. But mostly, during the early years, I remember feeling just as bored as my nephew in this photo. Especially if it was Friday night and I was missing Knight Rider.

^ Michelle’s birthday. In another photo somewhere she looked like the Morton salt girl.

^ Sadie and Rob. I spent my 36th birthday with Rob and his family, who were visiting from San Francisco. I grew up with Rob, and he and I spent a year as roommates in New York about 12 years ago. His kids are a lot of fun. Sadie, their first child, is really smart, which is not at all surprising to me.

^ Team BŌF

^ The Pelican Club (Galveston, Texas)

^ Brooklyn Bridge

^ Mamrie and Steve

^ Jonathan and Mamrie

^ Date an Asian video shoot

^ Grease II

^ Jen Kwok

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3 Responses to Miscellaneous Friday

  1. sarah says:

    misc fri is my new fave.

  2. taren says:

    I LOVE your photography!! The one of Galveston is incredible. More of this random stuff, please…..

  3. Babydee says:

    This is your PHONE? Amazing. I love the one of me and Greg, because it reminds me of that really fun night of Grease 2 cult-like worship. I like all of the other ones too!

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