24 Hours With Tomahawk and Friends

Marshall York

Q: When was the last time you stayed awake for 24 hours?
A: A Lock In at my elementary school (as a reward for reading lots of books).  watched a movie about a witch and some pancakes.  we kept looking at our clocks and saying, “wow!  it’s 4 am!” like it was magical hour and the very air we breathed had become magical. the next day i slept through my alarm (first and only time that’s ever happened) and had to play in a baseball game.  I wasn’t in fighting form and my ma was mad at me for staying up all night.  i kept falling asleep in the car on the way there.

Remember:  it’s a marathon.  Pace baby, pace  Keep the longview. we have to have a before and after pic.  wear the same clothes.  same positions in the photo. i might break down in hysterical laughter.  only i won’t be laughing.  I’ll be gasping for air.  magical air.  hope someone knows CPR.”

  • Join Tomahawk and New York’s best improv teams on Fri, Nov. 6, 2009 @ 8PM at The Sage Theater in Times Square (711 Seventh Ave, 2F) for 24-consecutive hours of improv. (Facebook invite | Tomahawk tumblr)
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