24 Hours With Tomahawk and Friends

Grace Helbig

Q: When was the last time you stayed awake for 24 hours?
A: After college I went backpacking in Europe for about three weeks. Our final week we found out the Running of the Bulls was happening in Pamplona, so we booked a couple of the last available train tickets from France to Spain. We left from Bordeaux at (let’s say) 3PM on a Friday, transferred trains three times, helped stow away (under our seats) a couple of American frat dudes who couldn’t get train tickets, met a group of 16-year-old Mexican girls who were celebrating their high school graduations (and “loved to go dancing dancing dancing”). We arrived in Pamplona at (let’s say) 1AM Saturday morning.

Somehow, as soon as we got off our train, we ran into a guy we met back in Venice a week before.  He was with a group of about five friends — all of whom had just met one another — and had JUST got kicked off a bus because a girl who was with them had tried to pee on the floor in the back (far right in photo).  They had had a few drinks.

This was the night of the first day of the running, so Pamplona was covered in drunks and none of us had a room to stay. We brainstormed and came up with this: We bought 25-CENT boxes of wine.  (Twenty. Five. Cent.  Boxes.)  We bought at least two dollars’ worth and a couple jars of peanut butter and some bread.  We found the cleanest park we could and sat around drinking wine and eating until 8AM the next morning when the bulls finally ran. The running lasted about 30 seconds. But we were so hopped-up on adrenalin from the energy of everyone around us that we bought fries, chicken, more wine, found another park and kept drinking until my friend and I were supposed to get our train to Madrid (around 6PM  that night).  It was an amazing experience I’ll never forget, ending with a train ride to Madrid I will never remember.
  • Join Tomahawk and New York’s best improv teams on Fri, Nov. 6, 2009 @ 8PM at The Sage Theater in Times Square (711 Seventh Ave, 2F) for 24-consecutive hours of improv. (Facebook invite | Tomahawk tumblr)
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