24 Hours With Tomahawk and Friends

Nov. 6, 2009
This photo was taken on Friday night @ 8PM (not pictured: Taren Sterry).

Nov. 7, 2009
This photo was taken on Saturday night @ 8PM (Alison’s picture was added to this group shot because she had to leave at 3PM on Saturday to catch a flight).

see more photos, videos | my daily grace

* * *

We did it. We improvised for 24 consecutive hours. Big, big thanks to all the teams who came out to play and to all those who came to watch — your support is greatly appreciated. My photographic output is pretty limited since I was mostly conserving energy just trying to stay awake. Moreover, I failed to get any clean shots of Kevin — apologies to you,  Kevin. But ace photographer Eric Pearson got a bunch of shots, so hopefully I can repost his stuff.

On behalf of the team, I would just like to say thanks again for everyone’s support. Extra-special thanks to Devon Ragsdale and (birthday boy) James Rich for hooking all of this up from the very beginning. To see short clips from the shows and scenes from backstage, please visit our tumblr page.

* * *

I really should just write emails.  I thought I could simply state what I wanted in a voicemail and then I realized about a minute in that I could not.  So my apologies for that long message. But yeah, I am going forward with my idea of putting together a non stop 24 hour improv jam.  I am planning to do it in April, May or June, depending on what is available at this theater. –James Rich (Dec. 31, 2008 @ 12PM)

For me, the experience was the ultimate diagnostic test as a performer. I saw the best in myself and also spotted some of my poorer improv tendencies creeping into scenes. I believed in the power of my brain even when my tongue failed me. If I had an idea that made me giddy, I knew I had to share it. When the editor/censor/mom was out of the way, I had nothing to lose. I re-acquainted myself with the notion that the speed of fun is a little faster than one thinks. Sometimes I was tense because I didn’t know where a scene was going. Sometimes I was relaxed because I didn’t know where a scene was going. –Marshall York (Nov. 9, 2009 @ 11AM)

*Special thanks to Ben Masten for snapping the Tomahawk team photos

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6 Responses to 24 Hours With Tomahawk and Friends

  1. James says:

    If you just glance at the before and after photos, you can’t really tell that we are that tired. But if you look closely, you can see it in our souls.

  2. Andrew says:

    Thanks for posting that old email from James, Keith. That goes a long way. Thank you James, and belated happy birthday.

  3. Jen Curran says:

    You guys are incredible. You should be so proud. And the improv – as I mentioned to Keith last night – got BETTER as you got more tired. And that’s just so cool.

  4. Masten says:

    You guys were an inspiration. I was only there as a guest and hanger-on, but this one one of the best times I’ve had performing improv.it’s easy to forget sometimes that the only really legitimate reason to improvise is because you love it; and you guys spread the love for 24 hours straight.

    Thanks for letting Ao2 join the party.


  5. andrew says:

    i was there around 6ish and something happened to the team. you guys were on fire, especially marshall. it was incredible. you were channelling this mystic chord and playing the hell out of it lol.

    i actually ran out during the show to pull in my friend who was in the hallway…”you GOT to see what’s going on right now!!”


  6. chris roberti says:

    this was some of the best fun i have had

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