The Great Mash-Em-Up, Mix-Em-Up Experiment V @ The PIT

Part 3 of 4
Nov. 25, 2009
Lockjaw is Justin Akin, Rob Stern, Matt Oberg, Chris Grace, James Rich & Phil Wells.

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4 Responses to The Great Mash-Em-Up, Mix-Em-Up Experiment V @ The PIT

  1. dez says:

    WHAT is happening with phil and james in the background of that one pic?!

  2. keithhuang says:

    very early in the set, philbilly’s “mr. ridiculous” (a macaw) sat quietly beside justin. “mr. ridiculous” would repeatedly lift his little hat, as if to say hello, and then started baring his teeth. eventually, “mr. ridiculous” would open his mouth as widely as possible and would later gnaw on a mic cord, gobble up human innards and tesicles, conduct a press conference about an ancient artifact, before curling up in a little ball to sleep. “mr. ridiculous” was one of the funniest things i saw on the PIT stage in 2009.

  3. Masten says:

    Mr. Ridiculous was a macaque, not a macaw.

    JEEEZUS KEITH what kind of slapdash operation are you running?

    (It was hilarious, whatever the species.)

  4. keithhuang says:

    my bad, swarthmore. my bad.

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