This is why I do improv

(via Desiree Nash, my improv partner-in-love-and-hate-crimes. Follow her @ Suck In. Look Funny.)

just a little shout out to my friend Keith.  This was us backstage at The Duofest in Philly.  we performed tonight as well.  I love performing with him.  We’ve been a duo for two-ish years? (i lose track of time) and I find that he and I are almost always of the same mind in shows.  I feel like no one has my back on stage more than him.  If you ever want to become a better improviser I suggest forming a duo.  Sure take classes, see shows and all that…but I can guarantee that Keith and I have become better improvisers over the years simply by pushing each other as well as trusting and having fun.  I heart you Keif! (also, that’s Matt J. Weir in the background.  he’s swellaswell)

Thanks, Dez!
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