Bobbe’J Thompson on Human Giant

Bobbe’ J Thompson
“This kid is like 10 years old, and his comedic instinct are far beyond what any kid should be, and was improvising better than, like, I’ve never seen anything like it — Matt Walsh was there, and Rob [Huebel], Paul [Scheer], and they have years of improv experience, and all of them were blown away at how this kid was improvising.”
–Aziz Ansari (excerpted from an interview with The Bastion).
Bobbe’J on YouTube.

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2 Responses to Bobbe’J Thompson on Human Giant

  1. Yo, Keef, wanted to share the link right to the video I asked Aziz about. The link you have is to a clip where Aziz plays a character named Bobb’e J, and it’s funny, but it doesn’t showcase the amazing talent referred to in the article. Must be seen to be believed.

  2. Malik7 says:

    This little boy has extreme talent!

    Iv’e seen some of his work on TV and in films. He’s amazing.

    Hard to believe though, that he stars as himslf as a viscious, ruthless, arrogant and obnoious CEO of a company where he yells at two of his employees, belittles them and then fires them!

    But like I said, the boy DOES have talent!!!


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