Varsity Letters @ Happy Ending Lounge

Jan. 3, 2007
Varsity Letters is a monthly sports reading series hosted by Carl Bialik (The Numbers Guy, Gelf Magazine). Last night’s series featured Deadspin columnist Will Leitch (above with Aileen Gallagher and Erin Schulte), VL founder and sports blogger Dan Shanoff and columnist David Zirin. Varsity Letters takes place the first Thursday of every month at Happy Ending Lounge in Chinatown (previously).

Dan Shanoff

David Zirin

Jason Fry (Faith & Fear in Flushing) on the left

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3 Responses to Varsity Letters @ Happy Ending Lounge

  1. stace says:

    my eyes are bleeding from that tim tebow jersey.

  2. stace says:

    wow, i wasn’t even expecting a backstory.

    i agree with what he’s saying though…nothing compares to the fan-dom you have when you were a kid, and the memories of that last a lifetime. even if he is corrupting the kid into wearing the god-awful combination of blue and orange for the rest of his life.

    i feel like i kinda wrote about this in my blog yesterday, weird.

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