The Mug Shot Journal

About six years ago, New York comedy maven Jeff Scherer (Chicago City Limits, Secret Hospital) created The Mug Shot Journal, an awesome collection of photos of New York City improvisers (Part 1 | Part 2). Also, read the journal’s introduction on the IRC and Jeff’s initial post: “I started to take pictures of fellow improvisers from the New York improv community for easy identification, and people suggested I make a journal of it.” In late January, I decided to start my own Mug Shot Journal. I’ve missed a bunch of people, but so far the process has been a lot of fun. I want to continue updating this post, so if you see me and want to be added, just say the word. If I have my camera on me, I’ll snap away.

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19 Responses to The Mug Shot Journal

  1. Editor says:

    history will show that we spend a lot of time at the bar, and that cats can pronounce american names.

  2. twizzlers519 says:


  3. dez says:

    is that Bernie Madoff’s prison number?

  4. Steve says:

    Very nice indeed.

    Besides all the nice pictures, I am v interested:
    – by how many people are still holding the marker in their pics
    – the “make a funny face” vs. “reg. smile” vs. “serious face” visual debate
    – that Brett is the only one to hold the board vertically. Brett!

  5. Ali L says:

    that clown juxtaposed behind Phil is cracking me up

  6. scottbateman says:

    How much do I love that you alphabetized everybody? The full amount allowed by law.

  7. yang says:

    This gang of improv and comedy criminals are armed and dangerous and running the streets of NYC.

  8. chris roberti says:

    so great.
    the warmest feeling of love came over me when i saw keith’s photo, holding the camera.
    it’s just the truth.

  9. dez says:

    for the record, Steve, i only have a serious face as “Dez Nashty’ is my God-given rapper name.

  10. Masten says:


    I remember when my hair was that short. I need a haircut.

  11. rebekka says:

    i thought dez nashty was your burlesque name.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Now I have NO excuse for not knowing my fellow improvisers’ names! Keith, you are so awesome, that I need a new word to replace “awesome” to fully capture your awesomeness!

  13. dez says:

    that’s FUZZ NASHTY

  14. Jeff Scherer says:

    Cool! I’m so glad someone is doing this again! I always felt kind of guilty that I stopped.

    Originally I had all the pictures hosted on a website I made for my sister and her family, which I have since taken down. I still have them all, though, and have been planning on putting them up on Facebook or something.

    Keith is my favorite.

  15. keithhuang says:

    thanks everybody ! and thanks, jeff — i’d love to see those old photos again. i scoured the shit out of the web in search of them. not a trace!

  16. elizabethblue says:

    Keith Huang–you outdo yourself. Nice work!

  17. Sean Taylor says:

    Love the new journal.

  18. anya says:

    This is crazy awesome, Keith!

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