March 20, 2009
BŌF is Mamrie Hart & Steve Soroka. Special guest comedian Mark Normand.

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4 Responses to BŌF @ The PIT

  1. Steve says:

    Thanks Keith!

    I am going to send some of these to Dr. Bernstein who is my real life hair doctor.

  2. The Noticer says:

    That is one pretty girl. The main one. The other ones are pretty too. But I’m talking about the main one. Very pretty.

  3. dez says:

    the “other ones” as in..the audience members.

    i shall be a teen sleuth and reveal who is The Noticer by the end of the week!

  4. mamrie says:

    do it dez! i dont know anyone who would be up at 8:09 am …. clearly its a garbage man who also appreciates comedy websites.

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