Miscellaneous Friday

March 27, 2009
Here is a collection of random, uncategorized photos that would otherwise sit idly on my hard drive.

^ Molly Austin and BJ Gallagher. I like both of these people very much.

^ Cassidy Martin is from Texas.

^ The cast of sketch-comedy team Finger.

^ PIT house team Punch gearing up for a team photo.

^ Jacob Hobart Brown and Mandy Schmieder hang out in the PIT lobby before a Wednesday night show.

^ Everyone with a camera eventually takes this shot. I don’t know why.

^ Jay Street-Borough Hall

^ Adventures in Bachelorhood: This is what you get for $73.26 at Target. And while I can’t readily explain why I bought Weight Watchers snacks, whenever movie theater-sized boxes of candy are being advertised three for $4 — well, that’s just spending $ to save $, as far as I’m concerned.

^ Stacey Higgins and Jacob

^ Steve Siddell and Nikhil Rao of Punch

Hey, Masten, bring back PIT Assassins !

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2 Responses to Miscellaneous Friday

  1. Masten says:

    Soon! I promise!

    Like REAL SOON.

  2. Jason Tyne says:

    I love the shot of the Karma Jar!

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