The Mug Shot Journal Redux

Before I get on a plane and fly away home, I wanted to publish The Mug Shot Journal Redux, a photo project three years in the making (read: procrastination). Like my photoblog, this is a love letter to The PIT, my improv high school and home-away-from-home for nearly a decade. I shot my first Mug Shot Journal five years ago (shout-out to original mug-shooter Jeff Scherer). And just like then, I wasn’t able to snap everyone, so I apologize if I missed you. But if you scroll through the page, I think you’ll still see what I had hoped to capture with this project — individual faces and names of artists, poets, dreamers, and geniuses; but more importantly, a portrait of a community that has given me, and many others, endless amounts of love, support and joy.

–Keith Huang
April 16, 2014

Check out Jeff’s original Mug Shot Journal (Part I & Part II).

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